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The sustainable purpose of MaaChild is clear

  • Provision of long-term educational opportunities for school age children

  • Supporting equality by providing places for both girls and boys

  • Taking steps to alleviate poverty through education and opportunity

  • Championing action against climate change

  • Fully committed to action, not just words.


Learn more about how we can provide sustainable support at www.


We are always delighted to receive resources and gifts for the students and local community. It is essential that these items are non-plastic, made with natural materials and durable.


As part of our pledge to the environment and sustainable purpose “cash” donations, allows us to purchase items locally in Kenya this supporting the local economy. All items for these projects are sourced locally in Kenya and a shopping trip is now an integral part of our field trips.

Changes In Education

The Kenyan Government has now pledged all year 8 primary age students will get a place into secondary education and Secondary schools are also now expected to provide Day school places for those who live nearby.  Form 4 leavers who cannot go to university will now be offered vocational training.

Over the last two years the final primary and secondary results have been computerised which has gone a long way to prevent cheating. 

Changes to the secondary school holidays by releasing the lower year groups early means the Form 4 students can study and take their finals in peace and without disturbance from the rest of the school.  

Kenyan Teachers

As part of the governments fight against cheating and corruption the Kenyan ministry of education relocate all teachers annually and, in some cases, biannually. All 4 of the secondary schools we support now have new Principals. This is essential for us to note so we can prioritise gaining rapport with the new Principals on our visits.


All students are covered by payment with the school fees with NHIF Medical Insurance. This is government sponsored free medical care. If any student falls ill, they will be taken immediately to the local clinic/hospital for assessment and treatment.

What This Means For Future Sponsorships

Even though the government are covering the tuition fees, there remains a necessity for our bursaries to pay for boarding and extra activities. Many students still can’t attend secondary school because of the distances between home and school and the need for the family to provide basics to support day to day living.


Our purpose does not change. We continue to support children from extremely poor backgrounds and remote rural settings, giving bursaries covering the cost of boarding and giving students access to the time and environment in which to study and thrive.

Our Students

Our students 

We are proud to have supported, to date, a total of 50 students through their school journey.

Some stats to be proud of! 

2018 – a total of 39 student bursaries since conception of the project. 14 graduates, 20 primary kids in sleeping accommodation including 4 rescue kids and the 3rd cohort finished their four-year education

2019 22 graduates in total with our 4th cohort and a total of 44 students supported.

2020 50 + students and a thriving nursery! 

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