SOLAR LANTERNS - Bringing light into their lives

We take light, at the flick of a switch, for granted. But, in rural Kenya there is no such luxury. Schools rely on generators so often 'lights out' comes early and evening study is impossible. In the homestead’s money for fuel to power lanterns is scarce so at home in the holidays our pupils’ study with 'homework'

Solar Lanterns are inexpensive and make use of a freely available fuel source. There is no shortage of sunshine in Kenya, so these lanterns provide a sustainable, eco-friendly source of light enabling study after sundown.


We aim to provide each of our sponsored students with a lantern when they commence their studies and if we can help the family with one too then that's a bonus.


Lanterns cost less than £10 so you could sponsor a lantern for the cost of a couple of drinks!


The MaaChild roots are flourishing in the Kenyan soil with the help of our UK volunteers, the Maasai volunteers and Eco-adventures Ltd. This will now give strength to the Maasai children to grow, develop and endure the changes afoot over the coming years.


"Small gestures, which seem like tiny droplets when originating here in the green Ribble Valley, create ripples which become mighty waves of opportunity when they reach the plains of Southern Kenya"

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