Kilimanjaro Expedition: Meet the Team

In only 3 weeks’ time our team will take on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro in support of MaaChild. It will be an amazing experience, with beautiful scenery and spectacular views. I’m sure it will quite literally take our breaths away! But it will definitely be an experience we will all remember forever.

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa at 19,330ft (5892 m), the forth out of the seven highest peaks in the world and affectionately known as “the roof of Africa”. The climb will take place over 8 days when we will trek along the Lemosho route, summiting on the 6th night before descending back to the African plains of Tanzania on the 8th day.

We have been wearing in our boots, getting some miles under our feet and packing our kit bags.

We’d love for you to follow us on our journey, so firstly we would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about the reasons we each want to take on this challenge!


I have dedicated the last 13 years of my life to the MaaChild charity and working with the local Maasai community who live in the foothills and surrounding savannah on the Kenyan side of this majestic mountain. Kilimanjaro is particularly symbolic to me and all who have shared the journey with MaaChild in one way or another. She has been the one constant presence during the developing years and will always be so as we progress into the future.

Having studied the mountain in its different guises from the dusty savannah all these years, the temptation is now too great to bid for the summit and “raise the roof for the MaaChild community we serve”!

So, along with this impressive group of dedicated supporters we will be climbing this great mountain. No mean feat! Over the last year we have all been preparing and training towards this day. To increase the chances of summiting we are taking the longest Lemosho route spanning 8 days. We all hope to reach the summit for MaaChild together, but we are all under no illusions that any one of us could succumb to altitude sickness. On descending we will then be travelling over the border to Kenya to progress further the work we are doing together with the local Maasai we serve.

Your support means the world to us and with your help, the scale of what we can achieve is far reaching! We are a small but very proud charity as we can guarantee every penny, we fundraise goes directly to the children desperately needing our support in this area.

“Be as big as the white mountain” Maasai Proverb

Can you help support our cause by helping us “Make it for MaaChild “onto the roof of Africa!


I have been peripherally involved with MaaChild since its inception and have been a keen supporter of its aims and achievements. I have been impressed with how the relatively small scale of MaaChild allows for a personalised approach, where each child is individually known and nurtured.

On each of my trips to southern Kenya it has been impossible not to be aware of the looming presence of Kilimanjaro, benignly looking over us. After all, it is the principal provider of water for the region.

I look forward to the challenge of the climb and have been trying to prepare physically. However, whatever one’s fitness level, we cannot predict our response to high altitude, which adds to the excitement of our forthcoming venture.


My name is Bernadette, I am Danish and I am very excited to be climbing Kilimanjaro. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the MaaChild charity expedition. To help shed light on the Maasai community, actually being there, meeting new people and experiencing the amazing natural wonder that this mountain is.

To climb Kilimanjaro is also meaningful to me on personal level as it will mark a new beginning to me after some challenging years. I am enjoying walking and biking good distances almost every day knowing that Kilimanjaro is waiting for me...


I visited Kenya in 2015 with Therese and was very impressed with the work of Maachild and the wonderful Maasai people working to implement the programme. I went to this years AGM to offer some help for the following year, at the end of the evening a proposed trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro was suggested, how could I not do it having said to myself I would offer my help this year! So many more dog walks later I am more prepared for the climb but still nervous to be honest, we are going so high!

The Bates Family - Julie, Gary, Megan and Olivia

I have been involved with MaaChild for a number of years now, fundraising, helping with their brand, graphics and website and visiting Kenya on a MaaChild Charity Trip for my 21st birthday present where it was wonderful to see, first hand, where the money I had raised had been used. The scenery, wildlife and most importantly the children were inspiring and so I am very excited to take on such a huge challenge in aid of such a wonderful cause. I have joined a gym and have been walking to work and back everyday so, whilst also saving on train fares, I’ve been covering at least 4 miles a day. - Meg

As parents, we thought we should help Megan to achieve her goal and decided that we should take on the challenge to show our support, it was then, only fair for Olivia, Megan’s sister to join us on the trip. We are certain that this is going to be an amazing time for us all, however daunting. We have been agonising over the kit list for what feels like a lifetime and have had lots of deliveries and returns. The training for us parents is tending to be, trudging around or over a very misty Pendle hill, however we have managed to fit in some fell walking in the Lakes and Dales over the summer, including 30 miles of the Dales Way. For Olivia it is difficult to do any hill training as Liverpool is pretty flat, but her usual days start with 10,000 steps…We are hoping that youth is on her side. - Julie and Gary

We hope to keep you updated as our journey unfolds so you can follow the highs and the lows of our adventure. Please support MaaChild and us as we take on the challenge to reach "the roof of Africa"!