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Many children in the Maasai community in Kenya have the ability but no means to pay for their education. By providing end to end educational opportunities for the MaaChild students, we are supporting progress. These children will be able to make a useful contribution to the wider understanding of the issues that their community may face in the coming years in response to development and external global influences. 


For the Maasai to secure the lasting support they need now and, in the future, assimilation with and understanding of governmental approach and action is paramount and only with education may this be achieved.  Not only will they be capable to offer an informed critical political voice the MaaChild students will also be competent to represent their community both locally or nationally and to contribute financially towards community or social benefits such as teachers, nurses, etc.


Primary Education has thankfully been free since 2003 and in 2016 the Kenyan Government began to contribute towards the cost of secondary education, but this does not cover anywhere near the full cost. 

Education is available for both sexes and boys and girls are often educated in separate schools.  A previously male dominated society, the Maasai are experiencing shifts in attitudes and the voice of the woman and the girl is being heard and there is a strong growth of female independence. 

Many educated women are raising their voices against acts such as FGM, fighting for their rights in a modernizing world and shaping their cultures for the benefit of all.  By embracing change, the Maasai have a chance at sustaining and preserving their vivid and unique culture. Through education a balanced transition can be possible.  

Our purpose is not to force change but to provide education which enables considered choices and a chance to influence this and future generations while preserving culture and values.

Together with other supporters here and in Kenya we work in co-operation with Maasai friends to bring hope to children and families from these remote communities. We invite you to share in our vision of hope!


The Covid crisis means future fundraising plans have reduced significantly. However, our source of strength, and underpinning our stability, are several regular monthly donations. Without the generosity and passion of our past and present supporters MaaChild would not be the success it is today. Our success depends on the support from yourselves, community groups, businesses and likeminded people who champion our mission. 


Going forward, donation stability is our utmost priority, building a monthly online giving programme will help the MaaChild community to thrive. 


Can you help to maintain this stability, as we continue to work to support these children and projects through these challenging times? 


By simply setting up a standing order for either a sustainable 4-year sponsorship (for just under £8 a week or £30/ month) or to help maintain the nursery water source and general repairs (£5 a week or £20/month). No amount is too small. £10 per month would provide enough solar lanterns to help 12 girls study at home or equip a whole year group with pens, pencils and school equipment. £5 a month provides soap and hygiene supplies for teenagers at a crucial stage in their physical development. Every little helps


Should you feel able to offer your support during this crisis and going forward simply click on DONATE to set up a monthly donation of your choice.  


If you are a UK Taxpayer be sure to tick the Gift Aid box which means that your donation is increased by 25% through the Government Gift Aid scheme.


Whatever you can afford will mean you are making a huge difference and the future for our MaaChild children at least, will be brighter.

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