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Naserian “many blessings” 

The first phase of our Nursery project was completed in 2019 with the completion of the Nursery building and the installation of a toilet block and water supply via three sizable tanks. 

In February 2019 we held the opening ceremony and met the children and families who are benefitting from the project. Now MaaChild are proud to support Maasai Children across the whole education journey, from nursery age up to secondary and beyond! 


Building a nursery out in the bush seemed all but a dream two years ago! Whilst our priority has been, and still is, our secondary educational bursaries.  We could not ignore the appeal for help to build a lasting oasis for the nursery age children living out in the bush in the area where we work. 


This semi-arid savannah straddles the wildlife corridor between Amboseli and Tsavo presenting many challenges for the children and their families.  The onset of climate change is already altering the rain patterns and environment and consequently access to drinking water and grazing for their cattle is becoming more unpredictable. Considering these challenges our social purpose continues to focus on ways we can contribute to the wellbeing of the environment and this unique society. We are more than words; we are about action!


Together with John Gordon and our local Maasai friends we continue to explore ideas and initiatives with action and participation at the heart to drive genuine change. It has not been without its challenges as we have tackled the inevitable environmental, social, or political changes. However, as part of our solution focussed vision, we remain committed to the dignity of the project together by creating educational opportunities that will last a lifetime. The long-term goal for this nursery will not only be to reflect our values, hopes and aspirations but also that it will be managed independently and facilitated by the local community it serves. Already the facility is open as a Nursery and used at the weekend as a Sunday school and in partnership with a local primary school educational support is being provided and facilities are being put in place to provide the children with a daily meal.


The Covid crisis means future fundraising plans have reduced significantly. However, our source of strength, and underpinning our stability, are several regular monthly donations. Without the generosity and passion of our past and present supporters MaaChild would not be the success it is today. Our success depends on the support from yourselves, community groups, businesses and likeminded people who champion our mission. 


Going forward, donation stability is our utmost priority, building a monthly online giving programme will help the MaaChild community to thrive. 


Can you help to maintain this stability, as we continue to work to support these children and projects through these challenging times? 


By simply setting up a standing order for either a sustainable 4-year sponsorship (for just under £8 a week or £30/ month) or to help maintain the nursery water source and general repairs (£5 a week or £20/month). No amount is too small. £10 per month would provide enough solar lanterns to help 12 girls study at home or equip a whole year group with pens, pencils and school equipment. £5 a month provides soap and hygiene supplies for teenagers at a crucial stage in their physical development. Every little helps


Should you feel able to offer your support during this crisis and going forward simply click on DONATE to set up a monthly donation of your choice.  


If you are a UK Taxpayer be sure to tick the Gift Aid box which means that your donation is increased by 25% through the Government Gift Aid scheme.


Whatever you can afford will mean you are making a huge difference and the future for our MaaChild children at least, will be brighter.

371206 artist impression end elevation Nursery-1
371206 artist impression side elevation Nursery
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