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We welcome guests on our field trips, offering a unique experience, travel with a purpose. Helping youngsters in Kenya while at the same time broadening your own horizons on how education, equality and the environment are looked after within the Maasai culture. These trips give you the chance to witness first-hand the culture and environment we operate in and to contribute ideas and help for MaaChild and genuinely make lives better!

There remains the opportunity for solution focussed souls to come on educational fieldtrips to Kenya where you can witness first-hand how MaaChild continues to make a very positive impact; not only on our visiting friends but on the Maasai families and their community too. 

We work with our partner, Eco Adventures to bring our field trips to life. 

As their name suggests, their goal is to connect travellers with sustainable and authentic travel experiences which educate and engage in East Africa’s rich culture and diverse natural history.

With almost 2 decades of experience they design the most unforgettable nature based adventures & safaris. Every guide at Eco Adventures is a respectful teacher of the surroundings, paying special attention to local communities and the preservation of natural resources.

We would love to share our passion for East Africa with you and tell you why we believe it is the most experientially rich in Africa! Find out more about Eco Adventures in the document below.

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